Water Feature design & installation
Modern water features have so much more to offer than the smelly, algae covered ponds or plastic tubs that many of us will remember 'admiring' in some friend or relative's garden during the summer holidays.  We are sure you remember the type trickling dirty water in a poor imitation of a fountain or waterfall.  If this is what comes to mind when you think of water features you'll be amazed at what is actually possible nowadays. At Lytham Landscapes we don't just install water features, but create stunning, individualised, luxuriant ecosystems that are almost indistinguishable from natural settings.
Costly to install and maintain? Surprisingly not. Most water features are very low maintenance, due to technological advances, and if you appoint Lytham Landscapes to carry-out your project we guarantee that you will be amazed by our competitively priced rates. The comparison between the actual cost and the quality and attention to detail, of the completed work, speaks for itself.  We strongly believe that you will not find a lower priced service offering such high standards of craftmanship.

All water feature projects are designed, supervised and on the whole installed by our team. A tropical paradise, memorial-garden, babbling brook, mill-pond, waterfall or anything your heart desires will be given 100% priority by our small team of trusted professionals.  You dream it, you've got it with Lytham Landscapes. From the exotic, hypnotic sound of splashing water to the tranquil tones of a babbling brook, why not add a water feature to your life? You'll be amazed by their ability to effortlessly soothe away the stresses and strains of our modern hectic life-styles and bring out the child in every member of the family. If you have considered installing a water feature, at your property, but are concerned about safety aspects, or you are apprehensive about taking on the responsibility of maintaining a fully-fledged ecosystem, due to time constraints and a busy schedule, a pondless waterfall could be the answer. Pondless waterfalls still provide a tranquil environment for relaxation, meditation, or just plain fun, but with the addition of that extra peace-of-mind when thinking about our younger family members. Your water feature will be the focal point of your garden, so we suggest you consider the addition of decking, fencing, a patio or gazebo.  Decking or a patio will enable you to benefit from a more up-close and personal appreciation of your water feature. You could always schedule your project in stages, adding plants and a patio during an upcoming season.
Key Benefits

  • Increased Property Value – Join the many satisfied home-owners who readily confess adding a water feature to their landscape was the best investment they ever made.
  • Tranquillity – Relax alongside a water garden and experience a tranquillity that transcends today's stressful world.
  • Natural – Reconnect with nature. Environmentally friendly and completely customized water features can be installed anywhere, similar to traditional landscaping. In addition, water features, like other types of landscaping, mature with age, increasing the value of your house more than any other type of home improvement.
  • Popularity – Water features are quickly becoming an integral part of many landscaping projects across the UK. Transforming any area, at an affordable price, into a beautiful, low-maintenance water feature, making you the envy of your friends, is no longer a dream but a reality! Every day, more and more people are choosing Lytham Landscapes to create a personal paradise in their own gardens.

Please call 07944 727727, or send an e-mail to info@lythamlandscapes.com and one of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements or send you any additional information required. 


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